is the best and easy way to confirm all American Express credit cards in the United States.

So if you are looking to confirm or activate your new AmEx credit card then let’s do it now. However, you may be assuming it a bit confused but believe me, it’s truly simple and straightforward.

You have to use the official website in order to confirm your AMEX card.

Activating or confirming a credit card is now very easy due to the convenience of the internet. However, we will definitely use the phone as well to confirm your credit card. Therefore, you need to stay with me so I can step guide you on how you can do it within no time.

So without any further ado, let’s start the guide! Setup

We have set up this website only for the guide purpose for activating an AmEx card. However, the official website is available only for confirming your credit card online.

So first learn from here and then go to the official website so you can easily activate your card online.

But before we start the process, I would like to display some basic details of our website below in the table.

Our Official Website Address
Company NameAmerican Express ( AMEX ) Company
ConfirmCard Methods1- Online Activation / 2- Phone Line Confirmation
Business ServicesFinancial Services, Credit Cards
Issued CardsCredit Cards, Debit Cards & Charge Cards

Online Method for American Express Confirm Card

So your new American Express card is delivered to you and now you can activate it online for free. Just follow the step guide process below.

Step 1 – Confirm Card

  1. The very first step is to visit the official site Here.
  2. Once you land on the official site, now you will see a welcome note there.
  3. Now you have to enter your 15-Digit number of American Express card.
  4. Then enter your 4-Digit card ID.
  5. After entering these details, now click on “Confirm“.
  6. Now you will go to the next page where you can Login if you have already an AmEx account or Register a new account.

Note: Until now, if you have already an American Express online account then you can login to your account, and your card will be activated automatically. But if you are new here then you need to signup for an account on americanexpress-com/confirmcard so you can confirm your new card online. So follow step 2 now.

Step 2 – Register an Online Account to Confirm your AMEX Card

So now if you have completed the first step of confirm card and you are new at AmEx then you have to register a free account first so we can proceed to the card activation process. For those who already have an account can login and use their card easily.

For registration, visit the and enter the following details

  1. Full Name
  2. Home Address
  3. Mother’s Middle Name
  4. Email Address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Date of birth for registration, visit the and enter the following details

Once you entered these details correctly now you need to choose a username and password for the security of your online account.

  • Select a strong and secure Username and Password
  • Always note down your password to a safe place so you can login to your account in future
  • Once you have chooses a strong password, now click on “Finish
  • Congratulations! Your American Express card would be confirmed now

American Express Confirm Card on the Phone

Besides, there is another way to activate an AmEx card which is a phone line activation. So if you want to activate your new card through phone call then follow the steps carefully.

What number do I call to activate my American Express?

Call on 1-800-362-6033

  1. First, make a call to the number mentioned above
  2. Now wait for a customer service representative
  3. Once you talk with a representative, you need to provide your card’s type ( Travel, Business, etc)
  4. Then provide your 15-Digit card number ( Do not provide any sensitive information ever)
  5. After some prompts, your express card will be activated and ready to use Login

Besides the confirmation, some express credit card users face problems when they need to American Express login. Therefore, we also make a complete guide on the login process of American express. It’s good to know how you can login to your official online account before you proceed.

However, the login process is far easier for the activation process. So follow the steps and login to your online AmEx account.

  1. Visit the Official login site Here
  2. Once you land on the website, now enter your User ID and Password
  3. Now select your account type ( Cards, Membership Rewards, Merchant Account, American Express @ Work)
  4. Click on Log In

AmericanExpress/ConfirmCard Using AMEX App


Another very easy and good way for americanexpress confirm card is using AmEx mobile app. Therefore, americanexpress confimrcard is available on the mobile app as well. Follow the guide and confirm your new credit card through your smartphone.

Now you don’t need to visit the official site and you can activate your card through the app.

  1. First, download and install the AmEx mobile app from Apple or Google store
  2. Now open the app and login with your Username and Password
  3. Please create a new account if you haven’t any before
  4. To signup tap on the bottom of the app where you will see “Click here to create a new account”
  5. Now on the next page, you need to enter your card number, or you can scan your card number alternatively
  6. Enter your card ID
  7. Tap on “Next” and answer a security question like date of birth or last 4 digits of your card and tap on “Submit”
  8. On the next page, choose a User ID and Password and Tap on “Submit”
  9. Next, you need to choose some security questions like “Mother’s date of birth” and tap “Continue”
  10. On the next page, you need to enter your email address and phone number and tap on “Continue”
  11. You are done and your AmEx card will be confirmed successfully

Top Best American Express Credit Cards

As you know that credit cards are now a part of our lives so having the best credit cards can save your money. In the United States, the AmEx credit cards are very famous and popular for amazing cash back and rewards offers. You can win express credit rewards and points for free.

Here I will explain some of the best express credit cards of 2020. So check the best express card and get amazing cashback and offers.

If you are owning any of the below cards then you can confirm it on the American website.

Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card

So far, American Express Blue Cash Preferred is the best American Express credit card or rewards card so let’s have a look at the benefits and features of this credit card.

Annual Fee$95
APR Ratio12.99% to 23.99%
Initial APR$0 for 12 Months


  • Get 6% cashback on all United States supermarkets
  • Win $250 statement credit when you spend $1000 in the first 3 months
  • Get 6% cashback on all United States streaming services
  • Enjoy amazing bonus offers if you are a new user

AmEx Green Credit Card

Annual Fee$150
APR Ratio15.24% to 22.24%
Average Yearly CashBack$230


  • Earn 5 reward points when spending $1 to the American express travel
  • Spend $1 on American express hotels and get 5 reward points
  • Get 1 reward point on all purchasings
  • Earn 60,000 points if you spend $5000 in the first three months

Delta SkyMiles® Gold American Express Credit Card

Annual Fee$99
Average CashBack$381
APR Ratio15.74% to 24.74%


  • Earn 4 point rewards when spending 1 dollar in the supermarts of United States
  • Earn 2 points when spending 1 dollar on delta purchasings
  • Get 1 point when spending 1 dollar on all casual things
  • Up to 35,000 cashback reward points when spending $1000 in the first three months

Platinum Credit Card

Express Platinum card is very expensive yet with many cashbacks and rewards. So if you can pay the $550 annual fee then try this one and only credit card today and enjoy its rewards.

Let’s have a look at the features of this credit card.

Annual Fee$550
Average Yearly Cash Back Rewards$797
Average APR Ratio25.24%


  • Earn 5 reward points when spending $1 to the American express travel
  • Spend $1 on American express hotels and get 5 reward points
  • Get 1 reward point on all purchasings
  • Earn 60,000 points if you spend $5000 in the first three months

American Express Business Gold Credit Card

For a small business, the AmEx business credit gold card is the best option. If you are running a small cooperation then you must have this credit card.

Annual Fee$295
Average APR Ratio14.24% to 22.24%
Average Yearly Reward Value$700


  • Enjoy 35,000 reward points when you spend at least $5000 in the first three months
  • Earn up to 4x reward points
  • Get 4 cashback points when you spend $1 at U.S gas stations
  • Enjoy 4 cashback reward points when you spend $1 on restaurants in the U.S

AmericanExpress.ComConfirmcard Biography

American Express Company was founded in 1850 when it was an express mail service business in New York. The express company was the evolution of different companies owned by Henry Wells. However, the headquarters was in New York City.

In the beginning, the company was owned by the following people.

  1. Henry Wells
  2. John Warren Butterfield
  3. William G. Fargo

However, in the beginning, the express company was a mail service company.

Starting of Financial Services

In 1857, American Express started its career in financial services. So it was a money order business and it delivers through U.S post deliveries in New York.

Becoming an Investing and Bank Holding Company

In 1980, American has started proper banking and investing services. In 2008, when there was a financial crisis in the whole world, AmEx converted into a bank holding company.

Largest Credit Cards Issuer

In December 2019, the American express company had issued over 114.4 million Amex cards throughout the world. According to Wikipedia, almost 54.7% of credit cards are issued only in the U.S. Other stats from Wikipedia show that only from the USA, people have spent almost $19,972 annually with Amex cards.

Financial Advisor Services

During September 2005, American Express introduced it’s financial advising services to its credit card customers.

F.A.Q of

If you are still confused about then I have answered some commonly asked questions about the com confirmcard.

Let’s have a look at those questions and answers to solve your problems regarding confirmcard.

How do I see my American Express statement online?

If you want to see your statement online then follow the steps.

  • Login to your AmEx account
  • Now go to the credit card section
  • Click on the card which you want to get the statement
  • Now click on the statement to check details of your card

Which way is better to confirm an AmEx credit Card, Through App or Website?

Basically, both ways are super easy and convenient. But if you want to get the easiest way to confirm American express credit card then you can try the AmEx app.

Why Should I Activate my AmEx card?

You should always confirm or activate your new credit card because you can not use the card until you confirm it. So it is very necessary to activating an AmEx card online or on the phone when you get it.

Is is the legit Website address?

Yes, the website address “” is 100% legit and a secure website address. So you can visit this site for Americanexpress confirmcard and activate your card easily.

My American Express Card is not Activating, What should I Do?

If you are facing trouble with American express card activation then you can call American Express and ask about your problem.

Make a call on 1-800-362-6033 and tell your problems about the confirm card.

AmericanExpress ConfirmCard Customer Service Phone Number

If you have any problem regarding confirm the American express credit card then you can contact the customer support as well. Moreover, you can call us directly on our customer service phone number.

  • 1‑800‑954‑0559 (For US Only)
  • 1‑801-449-4019 (For Outside America)

Or you can chat with our representative by logging in to your online AmEx card account.

So now you know how to set up an online account with AmEx and card confirming process. Also, you can now easily confirm your American Express card online. Just visit the site and confirm all American Express credit cards.

If you still want to know something then let me know in the comments below.