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American Express Confirm Card accessible from is a legit website for American Express credit cardholders. The necessity to create this website is to educate the cardholders of AMEX so they can confirm their card online easily.

How does it start? Well, we received a lot of complaints, feedback and requests about publishing a proper and easy guide for confirming an Amerian Express credit card online and on the phone.

So we finally take action and make this website for the educational purpose only. And we publish a complete and easy step-by-step process to confirm any of the AMEX credit cards.

If you are a person who is struggling for how to activate or confirm an AMEX card then we have finally published a guide for you. The sole purpose of this website is to guide the cardholders and nothing else.

If you like this website and you are fully satisfied with our effort, then kindly give us your feedback for sure.